HomeBinder Membership:
FREE with Home Inspection 

Every 4 Corners Home Inspection comes with a free membership to HomeBinder.  Get started managing your next home in Nashville with automated maintenance reminders, home inventory organization, saved contractors and home improvement project information, plus 1GB of storage, automated recall alerts, and advanced reporting options.


Additional HomeBinder benefits:

  • Store contractor info so you never lose a plumber's number.

  • Start an online home inventory to prepare for a fire or theft.

  • Schedule reminders to stay on your regular maintenance.

  • Share seller's reports to better market your home during sale.

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As a thank-you for being a 4 Corners Home Inspections customer, please enjoy a complimentary Porch Home Assistant Gold membership, plus $200 in Porch Handyman Services for all of your move-in needs and beyond.

Get help moving in

Your home assistant can help get everything checked off your to-do list, quickly and easily.

Connect with top-notch pros

Your home assistant will help you find the right pros in your area at the right price.

Get helpful cost guidance

Know how much a project should cost before you start the job.

Get help when you need it

Contact your Home Assistant via phone or text anytime you need home help.

Porch Home Assistant Gold


Sample Home Inspection Report

4 Corners Home Inspections uses state-of-the-art inspection reporting software that generates an easy-to-read, comprehensive report using the newest technology. Our reports include video, high quality photos, and helpful illustrations to show proper function of flagged areas in your report.

Inspection terminology can be difficult to understand.  Our searchable glossary can help...but rest assured that we are always here to help explain your report and help you better understand your home!